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Healthcare-Associated Infections Are Costly. Healthcare Cleaning Companies Can Help

adminOctober 19, 2017Cleaning Tip of the Week

When most of us think about dangerous places to work, some of the first things that come to mind are usually in law enforcement, mining, and other forms of physical labor. However, did you know that careers in healthcare are some of the most dangerous when it comes to infections and other diseases? Healthcare cleaning Read More

Questions to Ask About Your Office Cleaning Contracts

Bill RossOctober 6, 2017Cleaning Tip of the Week

No matter what type of business you are running, making sure that your cleaning crew is effectively maintaining the sanitary conditions of your place of work is crucial to the health of both your customers and your employees. Office cleaning contracts are useful for detailing what is expected of your cleaning crew, but having a Read More

Cleaning Services Suggest Ways to Make Your Daycare Entry Attractive

Bill RossSeptember 21, 2017Improving Your Reception Area

When it comes to childcare, most parents are very picky about who they leave their children with. Parents want to know that when they drop their child off at daycare, their little ones are safe in an environment that is healthy, happy, and most importantly, clean. The number one way to turn off new customers Read More

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Discuss Carpet Tiles vs Broadloom

Bill RossSeptember 14, 2017Cleaning Tip of the Week

If you’re considering installing new carpeting in your business, you’ve probably come across the online debate over which is better: carpet tiles or broadloom? The answer really depends on the specific needs of your business. By weighing cost, aesthetic, and a variety of other individual factors, you can pick the carpeting option best for your Read More

Cleaning and Janitorial Services Discuss the History of Soap

Bill RossSeptember 7, 2017Cleaning History

We all use it, we all need it, but not many of us think about it- it’s soap! A staple of homes, schools, hospitals, and cleaning and janitorial services around the world, soap has a rich history that’s almost as important as its everyday uses. Soap is believed to have been born in ancient Babylon Read More