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Beyond Your Cleaning Contract: How to Make a Car Dealership Reception Area Attractive

Bill RossJune 22, 2017Improving Your Reception Area

You might have the best car service around, but if your reception area is unattractive, disorganized, or downright dirty, customers will still see you as unprofessional and lazy. Taking time to fix up your front of house will increase the overall appeal of your business, as well as allow customers to feel more relaxed in Read More

Water Temperature Isn’t as Important as Soap When It Comes to Clean Hands

Bill RossJune 15, 2017Cleaning Tip of the Week

When it comes to hand-washing, we’ve all heard that hot water is better for killing off bacteria- but is this statement actually true? According to research on germs and commercial cleaning, it is not. The current suggestion from the CDC is to wash your hands with warm water, but not for the reasons that you Read More

School Cleaning Services Discuss Germ Hotspots for Schools

Bill RossJune 8, 2017Cleaning Tip of the Week

Everyone knows that kids aren’t the cleanest people in the world- from recess to lunch time, schools are one of the places in our society that are absolutely crawling with germs. While it’s impossible for every square foot of a school to be sanitized daily, some areas of the school harbor more germs than others Read More

The History of Microfiber Rags from Your Cleaning Service Pittsburgh PA

Bill RossJune 1, 2017Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning Services

You use them to clean your office, wipe dust off your screens and keyboards, and even to gently remove stains from glasses and eyewear. If you need to clean a delicate or easily scratch-able surface, you’ve probably used one, and they can be found in Pittsburgh cleaning services as well as most people’s own homes. Read More

Professional Cleaning Services Discuss What Makes A Business Seem Unclean to Customers?

Bill RossMay 25, 2017Cleaning Tip of the Week

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly global marketspace, it can be difficult to make your business stand out from the seemingly endless stream of competitors opening their doors every day. Customers have more choice in every service or product than ever, and as a result, can afford to be much pickier when choosing which businesses they Read More