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From a Street Corner to Business Ownership One Anago Franchisee’s Path to Success

Pompano Beach, Florida, USA - April 22, 2011 - To Shelly Hernandez, it seems like a lifetime ago that she was standing on a street corner in Tulsa, Oklahoma holding a pizza-shaped sign for a local restaurant. Through cold winters and hot summers, the dream of controlling her own destiny kept her going.

Shelly’s sister, Marta, decided to buy an Anago Cleaning Systems franchise, and Shelly began working with
her to make some extra money. She watched asMarta’s franchise continued to grow. She did all she could
with her sister and eventually saved enough money from her pizza job to buy her very own Anago
franchise! Her dream had become a reality. Shelly would be her own boss and would no longer have to
work for anyone else. Her three daughters, she thought, would finally have the life she had dreamed for

With Anago’s comprehensive orientation program, Shelly quickly learned not only efficient cleaning
techniques, but also the importance of good service and communication with all her clients. She also
learned how to manage her own business and her employees. “Owning my Anago franchise has allowed
me to set my own hours, and be my own boss. My self-esteem has improved significantly,” she says.
Shelly set high expectations for herself and her employees. Her Anago franchise has grown significantly,
and her clients are extremely pleased with the service she provides them. Since she purchased her
franchise in January 2010, she has never lost a single client! She started small, and is now managing two
crews to clean all the accounts she services. She can hardly believe the success she enjoys now. “From
holding up a sign on a street corner, to owning my own Anago business – I can never express enough how
Anago has changed my life. I am here to stay!” Brett Drumm, Master Owner of Anago of Tulsa adds “Shelly
is such a great example of an American small business owner, exemplifying how hard work, perseverance,
and the will to succeed pay off!”

There are over 30 Anago Cleaning Systems regional offices nationwide, with over 2,000 Franchisees
enjoying the benefits of business ownership, just like Shelly Hernandez. Anago provides the backing and
support of an established company to give aspiring business owners the foundation to succeed in this
thriving industry.

Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked Anago, for the second year in a row, as the 5th Fastest Growing
Franchise in the US for 2011. Anago has also been recognized by the National Minority Franchising
Initiative for exceptional minority participation. Franchise Business Review named Anago as a top franchise
in Franchisee Satisfaction for 2011.

Anago Cleaning Systems offers Master and Unit Franchise opportunities nationwide. To locate the Anago
office near you, visit us online at


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