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Anago of Western PA Franchisees Learn More About Vacuums

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA – August 17, 2010 – On August 16, 2010, as part of the monthly Franchise Owner’s Meeting, Anago of Western PA franchisees were given a presentation on various options available when it comes to vacuuming.

 The presentation was given by Paul Bertenthal, President of D.H. Bertenthal and Sons Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies located in nearby Morgan, PA.  The presentation included information about HEPA Filtration, One- and Two-Motor Vacuums, Tools, the latest in Backpack Technology and the differences between household and commercial-grade vacuums.

 “One of the key reasons that our franchisees are successful is because they take the time to calculate the ROI of buying proper equipment.” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bill Ross, “If a franchise owner purchases a larger vacuum that does a better job while saving them time, there is a direct return to them in terms of payroll costs or even in the ability to take on extra jobs.”

Anago of Western PA offers ongoing support for their unit franchisee business owners and staff.  In recent months Anago of Western PA has offered informative programs covering such topics as Client Relationship Management, Post Construction Cleaning, Hard Floor Care, Healthcare Cleaning Policies, and Record Keeping.  Anago of Western PA believes in arming their franchisees with knowledge and opportunities so that they can offer better service to their clients and be more successful in running their businesses.

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August 2010 Owner's Meeting


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