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Anago of Western PA Franchise Owners STUDY PRODUCTIVITY

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA – October 10, 2014 – After a summer hiatus, Anago of Western PA Franchise Owner’s Meetings resumed this week, and this meeting was a productive one. The topic of conversation? Productivity.

The October Franchise Owner’s Meeting was held on Monday, October 6, 2014 from 11 A.M. until 1 P.M. at the Anago of Western PA Regional Support Office (300 Old Pond Road, Suite 202, Pittsburgh, PA 15017). Anago of Western PA was pleased to present guest speaker Jeff Tishko, the Vice President of Sales at The Colker Company, and Rob Abraham, a Manufacturers’ Representative from The Osborne Group, which represents 15 different manufacturers of sanitary supplies and equipment.  

The meeting opened on a very serious note with David Ross, President of Anago of Western PA, and Jeff Tishko spending some important time discussing infection control and proper protocol for disinfecting. “With the news flooded with stories about Ebola and Enterovirus-68, the timing of this meeting could not have been better,” stated Mr. Ross. “We need to ensure that our Franchise Owners are versed and knowledgeable in the area of infection control and that they are doing everything in their power to keep their client sites in a safe and sanitary condition.”

Following that discussion, Mr. Tishko spent some time speaking about the benefits of shopping at The Colker Company, and he revealed some of the new chemicals that he currently has in stock. He stressed the importance of only buying the chemicals you need and buying supplies that will make an Anago Franchise more productive.

Next up to speak was Rob Abraham, who focused on cleaning productivity. Mr. Abraham discussed figures and sited examples from the ISSA Cleaning Times on how using the right equipment can put more money in a Franchise Owner’s pocket.

“All business owners need to focus on not only their own productivity, but that of their employees,” asserted Bill Ross, Vice President of Anago of Western PA. “Suppose you spend an additional $200 on the right vacuum which saves you $10 per night in labor costs at an account you clean twice per week. After 10 weeks, the difference is paid off, and that $10 per night can go into your pocket or you can reinvest it back into your business.”

A complimentary pizza lunch was provided for all in attendance following the meeting, courtesy of Anago of Western PA.

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