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Safety First: An Important Lesson for Anago of Western PA Franchisees

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA – September 14, 2010 – On September 13, 2010, as part of the monthly Franchise Owner’s Meeting, Anago of Western PA franchisees discussed Janitorial Workplace Safety with the staff at the regional support office.

 A precursor to the OSHA 10-Hour Certification Course, this meeting was designed to give franchise owners a broad overview of how to protect themselves and their employees.  Topics covered included Building Security, Stair and Ladder Safety, Avoiding Slips and Falls, How To Handle Emergency Situations, Accident Reporting, Personal Protective Equipment, Handling Trash and Chemicals, and Proper Lifting Techniques.

 Anago of Western PA Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bill Ross states, “Safety is job number one.  No task is worth completing if it puts someone’s health or well-being in jeopardy.  From here, our unit franchisees will now pass this information on to their employees.”

Anago of Western PA offers ongoing support for their unit franchisee business owners and staff.  In recent months Anago of Western PA has offered informative programs covering such topics as Client Relationship Management, Post Construction Cleaning, Carpet Care, Hard Floor Care, Healthcare Cleaning Policies, and Record Keeping.  Anago of Western PA believes in arming their franchisees with knowledge and opportunities so that they can offer better service to their clients and be more successful in running their businesses.

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September 2010 Owner's Meeting


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