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Pittsburgh Green Clean: Our Green Cleaning Services

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Anago Cleaning Systems offers businesses in Pittsburgh seeking green cleaning services a number of environmentally safe options for their commercial facility. Green cleaning is a popular concept in Pittsburgh, and Anago is leading the way in this regard by offering a host of green janitorial services that will leave your office or commercial facility cleaner and healthier than ever before. Anago is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and is recognized for advancing green cleaning practices throughout the USA.

We live in a great time to work for commercial cleaning services. The environmentally safe cleaning products and equipment available to companies in our industry is greater than ever, and there is no good reason left for companies like ours not to go green. Green cleaning is safer for the environment and for people. That means your employees are safer in the office and your children are safer at school. Today's clients are demanding a responsible brand of green clean for their Pittsburgh businesses and Anago is here to provide it!

  • We are certified to use the latest in contaminant-free products and equipment
  • We take the time to dispose of all harmful materials in a responsible fashion
  • We employ Microfiber Systems
  • We use specialized chemical dispensing systems
  • We can provide you with required Floor Matting for LEED certification

Our goal at Anago is to reduce contaminants and leave your workplace safer and healthier than when we first entered it. You deserve an environmentally safe approach to cleaning, and should not be afraid to ask for a Pittsburgh green clean service. With Anago, you won't have to ask for it, because that specific mindset is already in place.

The knowledge, products, and equipment available to us today make it mandatory that we clean in a way that respects the environment at large, as well as the one within your commercial facility. Turn to Anago Cleaning Systems for the very best in commercial green cleaning services!

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